The Chiltern Range

chiltern riser chair dual tilt-in-space

The Chiltern is our most versatile range of riser-recliners. They can be tailored to fit you like a glove. Different seat heights, depths and widths can be chosen to maximise your seating comfort, as can arm heights, back heights, legrest lengths and so on. You can choose between firm or soft back, buttoned or waterfall. There are waterfall backfirm back soft backnumerous options like internal pressure-relieving gel cushions, wooden knuckles, choices of tilt angles, lateral supports etc.

The Chiltern is essentially a Tilt-in-Space chair. This has many benefits. The way the action works minimises any chafing as your back doesn't need to slide down the chair back as it reclines.reclined This also means you sit in a very supportive "V" position when you are relaxing and this in turn helps prevent you from inadvertently sliding down the chair into a slumped position. Perhaps most importantly, a Tilt-in-Space chair enables you to raise your feet higher than you hips. Many people find this position beneficial.

The Chiltern Tilt-in-Space riser/recliner is now available as a dual chair. This enables you to operate the backrest independently from the legrest. Not only can you choose to sit in the upright but with a back angle of your choice but you are also able to recline to virtually horizontal in this chair.

fixed chairwooden knuckles

The chairs are also available with wooden knuckles, if preferred, and chiltern settee the range is further complimented by a very supportive fixed chair and sofa.


If you are looking for a chair to fully match your requirements and optimise your support then this is the range to choose.