The Eton

The Eton Chair

The Eton is a compact traditional style featuring high back fibre filled cushions for both support and comfort. The larger version is particularly suitable for the taller person - with a deeper seat that average

The range includes a Standard and Petite size of chair, as well as a 2 seat sofa.

There is a wide selection of fabrics and five wood colours available for you to choose from

  Overall Height Overall Depth Overall Width Seat Height
Standard Chair 113cm(44.5") 86cm(34") 78cm(30.5") 50cm(19.5")
Standard Chair - Small 107cm(43") 86cm(34") 78cm(30.5") 46cm(18")
Petite Chair 104cm(42.5") 80cm(31.5") 73cm(28.5") 50cm(19.5")
Petite Chair - Small 104cm(41") 80cm(31.5") 73cm(28.5") 46cm(18")
2 Seat Sofa 113cm(44.5") 86cm(34") 127cm(50") 50cm(19.5")