The Lundy Fireside Range

Lundy Fireside Chair

The Lundy range features comfortable handgrips extended forward to assist rising, a solid fixed seat base, wings, padded armrests and prominent lumbar support. There is also a matching two seat settee available.

With options available such as a choice of built in pressure care, infilled sides, waterfall or firm back style and "mix and match" with all sizes of the range.

There is a wide selection of fabrics and four wood colours available for you to choose from.

  Seat Height Seat Depth Seat Width Back Height
Small Chair 43cm(17") 42cm(16.5") 43cm(17") 68.5cm(27")
Medium Chair 51cm(20") 47cm(18.5") 48.5cm(19") 68.5cm(27")
Large Chair 51cm(20") 52cm(20.5") 53.5cm(21") 79cm(31")
Two Seat settee 51cm(20") 47cm(18.5") 104cm(41") 68.5cm(27")