The Lynton Fireside Chair

Lynton fixed

The popular Lynton fireside Chair and Settee are offered in two sizes, each available in both Standard and High Seat versions.

Soft, supportive fibre-filled back cushions, classic scroll arms, cabriole legs and removable seat cushions.

There is a wide selection of fabrics and two wood colours available for you to choose from.

  Overall Height Overall Depth Overall Width Seat Height Seat Depth Seat Width
Chair 106.5cm(42") 87.5cm(34.5") 77.5cm(30.5") 48.5cm(19") 49cm(19.5") 45cm(17.5")
High Seat Chair 110.5(43.5") 85cm(33.5") 77.5cm(30.5") 48.5cm(19") 49cm(19.5") 45cm(17.5")
Petite Chair 101.5cm(40") 85cm(33.5") 75.5cm(29.5") 46cm(18") 46.5cm(18.5") 43cm(17")
Petite High Seat Chair 105.5cm(41.5") 82cm(32.5") 75.5cm(29.5") 46cm(18") 46.5cm(18.5") 43cm(17")
2 Seat Sofa 106.5cm(42") 87.5cm(34.5") 137.5cm(54") 48.5cm(19") 49cm(19.5") 105cm(41.5")
High Seat 2 Seat Sofa 110.5(43.5") 85cm(33.5") 137.5cm(54") 48.5cm(19") 49cm(19.5") 105cm(41.5"
Petite 2 Seat Sofa 101.5cm(40") 85cm(33.5") 132.5cm(52") 46cm(18") 46.5cm(18.5") 100cm(39.5")
Petite High Seat 2 Seat Sofa 105.5cm(41.5") 82cm(32.5") 132.5cm(52") 46cm(18") 46.5cm(18.5") 100cm(39.5")