Other Chairs

Many of our chairs can be tailored to meet more specific needs. This may include different types of backs. pressure-relief options, specialised size modifications etc. Other chairs are made with a more specific purpose in mind. If you have any queries about particular requirements in a chair please call us on 01494 793129.

The Chiltern Drop-Arm Riser/Recliner

drop arm rising

drop arm riser recliner

A contemporary-styled Tilt-in-Space motorised riser/recliner lifting up to 25 stone. Available as Standard or Kingsize. The arms drop down on either side providing a safe and sturdy extended seat platform from which to transfer to and from a wheelchair.

chiltern drop arm chairThe Chiltern Drop-Arm Chair

Both arms drop down to provide a safe and sturdy seat from which to transfer to and from a wheelchair. Available with 18.5" or 20.5" seat heights. Can be made extra wide and accommodate weights up to 50 stone.porter base

This chair is also available on castors, with porter base, metal drop arms and push handles to minimise patient transfers.


commode closed

commode open

Wooden-framed commode with discreetly hidden pan. This can also be used as a sturdy visitors chair.It is available in a choice of soft covers or waterproofs/vinyls. Choice of 4 wood colours.

We can bring these chairs to you to try at home!