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At the end of a long day we all like to stretch out and relax. Recliner chairs enable you to do this without having to slump in your fixed chair or sofa. Try not to sit in any one position for too long. Sometimes you will want to sit relatively upright with your feet on the floor. Manual recliners then usually offer you a choice of two recline positions. The semi-recline is ideal for watching the TV or chatting with friends whereas the full recline can be very relaxing and supportive if you are having a snooze. Motorised recliners offer you all the positions in between and a dual motorised recliner enables you to operate the backrest entirely independently from the footrest. Motorised recliners plug into the wall but some are available with batteries that only need plugging in to re-charge.

As with all chairs, size is important. When choosing your chair pay attention to the seat height and depth in particular. Also, make sure it is wide enough for you without taking up too much space in the room. Another great space-saving idea is a wallhugger recliner. Because they move forward on their frames when they recline they don't need to be more than a couple of inches from the wall in the ordinary upright position.

As always, if you have a any questions or would like more advice on our chairs please ask. For more detail on the recliners click on the choices below.