Rising and Reclining Chairs


Have a look at the video below to help you choose a Riser Recliner chair that is right for you:

Lift and tilt chairs

Riser Chairs: The three Budget riser chairs below are generally available for immediate delivery. If you have a chronic illness or disability you do not need to pay VAT on these chairs:

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What is a Riser Recliner?

Riser-recliner chairs help present you to a standing position at the touch of a button. Most of them will also raise your feet and enable you to recline to a more handset relaxed back angle but there are of course many different types of riser-recliner, each with its own specific advantages. For example, a single-motored wallhugger needs very little space to recline whereas a dual-motored version enables you to operate the back rest entirely independently from the footrest and can recline almost to horizontal. A tilt-in-space riser chair can raise your feet higher than your hips. Some chairs can have built-in pressure relief. Although riser recliner chairs are decribed with many different terms; riser chairs, risers, motorised rising seat chair, electric lift and tilt chair, etc, they will all help stand you up, raise your legs and recline to some degree.

Perhaps the most important feature is the size. We have riser-recliners to suit all heights and builds. Furthermore, our Chiltern range can be further tailored to suit most sizing requirements from petite to bariatric.

See our glossary page for a further explanations of these terms or click on the links below for specific information on each riser/recliner group.

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