Rising and Reclining Chairs

Choosing a rising and reclining chair that is right for you can be a daunting task full of pitfalls. Watch our Riser Recliner video to give you a good background and then choose from the ranges below to get more detail and images of specific chair groups. Remember - it's always best to try a few chairs - either in our showroom or at home - before you make your choice.

For our best chairs, which are generally our "tilt-in-space" chairs, choose the Chiltern range. They can be made to fit you really well and are extremely comfortable. Choose this option when you need to get your feet up nice and high.

Our most popular mid-range chair is the Chalfont. These superb value chairs come in four different sizes and are often available immediately, starting at just £945 excluding VAT.

Remember, if you have a chronic illness or a disability you do not pay VAT on riser recliners.

Now explore the ranges in more detail: